• What Can I Do During My Stay In Singapore

    Singapore is a vibrant, sophisticated and cosmopolitan city state that delights visitors from all over the world. A city of modern conveniences with rich ethnic, cultural and historical heritage, Singapore offers a wide range of leisure, entertainment and sightseeing options for all types of travellers. Moving around in Singapore is also easy, convenient and affordable. With our world-class transport system, visitors can get around easily on taxis, buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train service, or even rent a car to drive around.
  • How Do I Prepare For The Trip

    Please obtain a referral letter from your physician who has been attending to your medical condition. This letter should include the following information: Detailed description of your medical condition which requires attention Your medical history Types of medication which you are taking Relevant medical records
  • What Happens After My Treatment

    When receiving treatment in Singapore, please seek your specialist's advice on the follow-up care required when you return home. You will be furnished with medical records of your condition by the healthcare provider in Singapore for your home physician's reference. It is also advisable for your physician to keep the specialist in Singapore informed about your medical condition to ensure that you continue to receive adequate medical attention. If return visits to the Singapore specialist are necessary, do discuss future medical trip plans with the healthcare provider's International Patient Service Centre. They can also help to arrange for medical evacuation in the event of medical emergencies.
  • Why Patients Choose Singapore

    Singapore is known for its excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. The international reputation of Singapore's airport, airline and port is evidence of Singapore's standards and achievements. Excellent, Safe and Trustworthy Patient Services The clinical services in Singapore emphasise excellence, safety and trustworthiness, with internationally accredited facilities and renowned physicians trained in the best centres in the world. Beyond international certifications, the quality of healthcare is also seen in published clinical indicators. Many healthcare institutions in Singapore publish their clinical outcomes on their corporate websites and they are comparable to, if not exceeding, international standards. Clinical outcomes refer to various measures used to track quality of clinical services provided by medical institutions. In measuring and sharing publicly these performance standards, Singapore encourages patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment and institution of choice.

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