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Services of METP Singapore: :

  • Services consultant to Sinapore medical records
  • Services support the payment of hospital charges to hospital & Support transfer money to international
  • Services housing in Singapore
  • Translation service, airport shuttle ...
  • Services health insurance for people Vietnam in Singapore. *
  • Services student enrollment records for Vietnam in Singapore ..
  • Services housing to students, sent a report on the study to parents quarterly                      
       + Consultancy services to buy houses in Singapoere procedures
       + Support international money transfer to
  • Card services residing in Singapore (PR)
  • Services (job) card Spass, Emloyment pass in Signapore.

 Services Cost
Interpreters  S$80/4 first time (min)  Each subsequent hour
S$ 20
 Airport + travel fee  S$90  
 Airport Transfer  S$50  Taxi charges customers pay
 Interpreting the medical record  S$50  
 Schedule examination quick  
Package  A: 30 SGD  
Package  B: S$160 Choose doctor
Choose the famous doctor.
Medical records translation into English
Exploring Singapore Tourism Day (8 hours)
At least 8 time (first 100 SGD_5 hours) _ price for tour under 3 guests
** Each next hour 20 SGD

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